At least clean up

Request: A newly hired intern unknowingly applied to a workplace full of hoppers. Let’s just say that she’s used as their play thing during the work hours.

Beth was delighted to get her job as a secretary at one of the offices just outside of the city. The first day zoomed by. She showed up and was whisked into a meeting room for her orientation. Before she knew it, it was lunch. Not only that, she felt exhausted, as if she’d done a workout. Her legs and her thighs felt strangely sore, and her nipples were extremely sensitive. She felt like she sometimes did after a long fuck.
Lunch was a blur as well. It seemed no sooner did she take out her sandwich that lunch was over. The sandwich was eaten and her throat was horse, as though she’d been yelling. Something warm and sticky was also dripping from between her thighs. But before she could even worry about that, it was the end of the day and time to go home. Time had seemed to pass in a blur and she was utterly exhausted and with a strange taste in her mouth.
Beth didn’t know it but the office that had hired her was less an office than a front for a group of hoppers. Her body had been hopped by a succession of them, and they’d all had their way with her, exploring every inch of her body.
One hopper had been annoyed when he’d hopped Beth after lunch and found his panties wet with cum.
“All right, listen up everyone. If you’re not going to use a condom you need to at least clean up after yourself. You need to leave your mounts fresh for the next person.”
“And please, no fucking in the lunch room. I don’t want your cum on my lunch.” Another added.
This, of course, sparked a debate where the younger hoppers wanted to hop the newcomers earlier in the day, before they were so tired. But at least everyone had gotten a chance, and they all agreed that Beth had a mighty nice body.

I was at a strip club for my bachelor party when a sudden global event made most people in the world swap bodies. Now I’m in the body of the incredibly busty strip club headliner in Swapped with a Stripper, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. (Note: It’s a dollar more on Amazon because they won’t let you price stories below $2.99 unless you make it an Amazon exclusive. Sorry!) Preview here.


  1. This is my kind of caption, hope you do more like it. And the reporter getting hopped and shagged too in another caption.

    And I second it, would love a sequel.

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