Request: A father who suspected the worst situation possible due to his gambling addiction and the mafia finally gets his punishment through his daughter being body hopped on order to pay for his debt along with some “interest”

They called them possesstitutes. Prostitutes who would gladly swap out their old, worn out bodies for younger ones. In return for having fresh young bodies, they were expected to continue fucking for money. Often their victims would be family members who owed the mafia money. Their loved ones would work off the debt as a prostitute controlled their body to service strangers.
Jed’s daughter, Christina, was one such victim. Her father owed the mafia a ton of money and they knew it would never get repaid if they waited for him. So a possesstitute was called in, a sixty-year-old whore whose own body was toothless and addicted to meth. Her name was Debbie and she found her young, fresh body utterly delightful.
Debbie’s first job was to service some men in a mafia-owned business. She delighted in her young form, throwing the man onto the desk and launching onto him, spreading her legs and welcoming his warm, hard cock into her pussy for the first time. Debbie closed her eyes and sighed as she sank down on the shaft. Christina’s body was so sensitive. She could feel the man’s cock press apart her slick canal, so much tighter now.
Debbie rocked on him, grabbing her new tits, just as delighted with her new body as the man beneath her was. When she was done she hopped off him and moved on to the next. This body was young and full of energy. She didn’t even crave the meth anymore.
Though, if she remained inside Christina no doubt she would return to her old habits. It was another one of the threats the mafia used. The longer the whore stayed inside Jed’s daughter, the harder it would be for her to reclaim her life when the debt was repaid.

I was at a strip club for my bachelor party when a sudden global event made most people in the world swap bodies. Now I’m in the body of the incredibly busty strip club headliner in Swapped with a Stripper, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. (Note: It’s a dollar more on Amazon because they won’t let you price stories below $2.99 unless you make it an Amazon exclusive. Sorry!) Preview here.


  1. Great idea and name. Perhaps there are some male prostitutes out there too who can swap into cute female bodies and have their brains banged out? Would love to see one of those in a cap, in a girl’s body wearing sexy pumps 🙂 Thanks for all you do.

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