Kevin always bullied me at school until I'd had enough and fought back, giving him a black eye. He scowled at me as the principal ran over to break us up.
"You'll regret that," he growled.
I thought he was just making more of his usual threats, but a few days later I went to visit my mom in her office after school and found her acting strange. She hugged me too hard and rubbed her breasts against me until I shrugged her off and escaped.
"Oh, let me just get one thing," she said, leaning over her desk.
I couldn't believe it but she reached around and hiked up her skirt, revealing her big plump butt, which she shook at me.
"Mom!" I gasped, turning away. "What the hell?"
"Hah hah!" She laughed. I knew that laugh. It was Kevin's laugh. "I'm a bodyhopper you little bitch. I can make your mom do whatever I want and I've been giving everyone in this office a taste of her pussy."
My mom worked with a handful of uber-masculine dirtbags who were only too happy to throw her over the desk and ride her. Kevin sent me the videos after I ran out of the office. Mom got pounded by them all, spreading herself and moaning as she took cock after cock, serving everyone as the office slut. I didn't watch the ones Kevin sent me, but everyone in school saw them when he posted them to the web.
I didn't understand Kevin's powers but I couldn't convince my mom she was being possessed. She thought she wanted it all, that she enjoyed getting fucked in the office and sharing her shame to the world.

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