Lucky accident

I loved my girlfriend. We both nerded out about video games and anime, and she was so much fun to be with. But our physical differences still kind of gnawed at me. I went to the gym and kept myself fit, but she didn't have that same attitude and, as a result, was overweight bordering on obese. Maybe that was why I couldn't get it up one night and snapped at her. I was ashamed of myself and we agreed to take a break.
About a week later I got a text from her out of the blue. Looking at it, I was startled to discover it was a nude of her mom. She was naked and straddling the gym equipment, her juicy tits and shave pussy on full display. The message beneath read::
Hey babe I somehow ended up in my moms body! Come over and we can bang on the workout equipment, better hurry before I wind up back in my body!
I thought it was a prank or she'd got hacked or something, but a few follow-up texts had me convinced. I hurried over as fast as I could. She was waiting for me in the gym at her house, still naked, nd still very much in her mom's stacked body. I grew hard just staring at her.
"You like it?" She asked, stroking her tits. "Come on, let's try out this pussy while I have it."
I took her right there over the workout bench. Her plump ass was in the air and I drove inside her wet pussy, moaning as I fucked her, watching her mom's tits jiggle with each thrust until I exploded into her, throbbing inside her incredible pussy and filling her with my seed.

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