Closer and Closer

A man clones his mind into the bodies of his MILF crush and her stepdaughter in Closer and Closer, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Mike has been colleagues with Kimberley for years and has had a secret crush on her for almost as long. He wants to be loved by her, and he gets hold of a spell that allows it to happen…by putting his mind into the body of Kimberley’s stepdaughter.

At first it’s a dream come true for Mike as he gets to explore being a sensual young woman while living with the woman he loves. He takes his time exploring his new life and his amazing new body. But Mike’s new life is complicated when his former male body knocks on his door the next morning. It seems the spell has created two versions of Mike, and the male Mike still wants to be close to Kimberley. But maybe they can both be happy by putting his mind into Kimberley’s busty MILF body.

Finally, Mike can explore the world with someone who loves him as much as he loves her, and they delight in their sexy new bodies.

This 10,000+ word story contains themes of body possession, and explicit erotic solo and lesbian scenes.

Kimberley remained on the phone for the duration of the car ride, ignoring her daughter. It gave Mike time to stare unashamedly at Kimberley’s beautiful profile, drinking in her soft skin and rounded face, the straight line of her nose and the way her mouth curled up in a smile whenever she looked over and saw her daughter looking at her. Mike ran her new hands through her silky hair and across her own cheeks. She couldn’t wait to get home and explore Daniella’s delightful body.

They stopped to pick up some takeaway Chinese food before finally arriving at Kimberley and Daniella’s modest house. Kimberley headed straight to the kitchen and uncorked a bottle of wine. Only then did she hang up the phone. No wonder she was depressed about her job.

The house was filled with photos of Daniella, as though Kimberley had tried to make up for her own absence by filling the house with her daughter. Mike sat and ate as she watched her mom flit about the kitchen, taking a bite every now and then, trying to engage Daniella in conversation about her day. Mike giggled girlishly and offered vague responses, unsure exactly how Daniella would act. It seemed she had Daniella’s body but not her memories.

Mike’s taste buds were different and she was surprised at how delicious the orange chicken was from within her new body. She ate quickly, soothing the rumbles of her tummy, before fleeing to her room.

The walls of Daniella’s room had a pinkish hue and along part of one wall a full-length mirror and practice barre had been installed. Gifts from a guilty mom. Mike perused her new room, flicking through the closet, which was stuffed with leotards and tights. She tried several of them on, posing in the mirror, watching Daniella’s slim figure move under her command as she replicated the poses she saw in the pictures around the room. All the while she talked to herself, just enjoying the lovely sound of Daniella’s soft voice.

“Hi, I’m Daniella, watch this,” she said, before raising and holding her leg above her head. God, she was so light, so flexible, her voice so perfectly delicate and feminine.

When she was done, she stood sideways to the mirror and admired her slim profile, running a hand down her small breasts, across her trim stomach and down her flat crotch.

“Hi, I’m Kimberley’s daughter, Daniella,” she practiced as she turned the other way, gazing at her svelte figure, the thigh gap between her legs.

Saying it made it seem more real. And it felt so good to say that, to hear it and have it be true. Her tiny body began warming as she stared at herself. God, Daniella was adorable.

Her hand brushed down her ass and she squeezed her taut butt as she watched herself in the mirror making Daniella explore herself. Her slender hands felt so nice as they brushed across her soft skin and caressed the gentle slope of her breasts. Her nipples grew sharp in anticipation and a light warmth flitted through her.

A light turned on somewhere outside and Mike turned to the window. Across a small courtyard she could see Kimberley in her bedroom. She walked around in pantyhose, heels, and a casual top, still sipping her wine as she set out her outfit for the next day. Mike turned off the light in Daniella’s room so Kimberley couldn’t see in, then wandered closer to the window. She pressed her fingers against her smooth crotch in the dark as she watched her new mom undress, revealing her ample thighs and tender flesh.

Kimberley really was very pretty. And such a busty figure. Wonderfully plump and curvy. Mike was sort of jealous. Kimberley pulled out a wrap dress from her closet and slid it on, then sat on the bed and crossed and uncrossed her legs in the mirror, obviously trying to see how the outfit looked on her.

Mike’s fingers slipped across the tights and pressed against her new opening. She rubbed the fabric gently over her swelling clit as an incredible warmth grew within her. Her fingers dipped lightly inside herself for the first time, feeling her new heat and wetness. A pleasant tension wound its way through her body, urging her on. Her other hand pushed her tights down her slender legs and grabbed an ass cheek. It was warm and with a toned firmness from the ballet. Mike pulsed with pleasure and a wetness grew beneath her fingers, seeping through her leotard as she caressed her new sex. She pushed harder and harder against her enchanting pussy, sending bright sparks of desire leaping through her.

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