Oh shit, it worked! Wayne thought to himself when he woke up in his wife's nearly naked body.
He carefully slipped the covers off himself and took his wonderful tits in his hand, jiggling and exploring them, squeezing each tiny nipple until it spiked out in pleasure beneath his delicate fingers. He'd always loved playing with his wife's tits and now he could do it whenever he wanted.
Wayne and Theresa's marriage had been on the rocks and they'd gone to see a counselor, who'd suggested they swap bodies for a week to see how the other one lived. They both resisted at first and only grudgingly took the spell. After an argument, Wayne had cast the spell in anger and they'd both gone to bed. Now, here he was in her body, with her still asleep beside him.
He thrust his hands down his panties, fingers following the little landing strip down to her entrance. He was already wet for himself, and he slipped inside his pussy lips for the first time, felt them cling to his finger, velvety and wet. She felt so good and he covered his mouth with his new hand, careful not to scratch himself with Theresa's long nails, as he whimpered. He continued stroking, following the rhythm of his pleasure up, up until he came, thrusting his head back into the pillow and moaning.
His orgasm woke Theresa, who soon had her new dick in hand and was ready to try it out.

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