Girlfriend surprise

Cam's girlfriend, Mila, was on a business trip and he was all alone in the house. He was horny, so he took himself in hand and masturbated to thoughts of her. Just as he was about to cum there was a tremor and the world spun.
Suddenly he was in an entirely different room -- a hotel room -- kneeling over a chair. Long dark hair curled down his face. His ass was in the air and someone was gripping his waist. There was a warm, wet, slippery feeling as something slid inside him, filling him in a way that was strangely pleasant.
Cam turned to see what was happening and found himself looking down the lean body of his girlfriend. He was getting pounded over a chair in his hotel room by one of her coworkers whom Cam had met a few times.
Cam's protest turned into a gasp of delight as the man's cock thrust in, hitting Mila's inner pleasure and causing a rippling orgasm to pulse through Cam. The sensations of his new body were overwhelming and intense, and he came around the thick cock inside him, groaning as his body quivered. The man took that as his cue and sunk in deep.
Cam felt the dick throb inside him, felt the pulse of hot cum fill his new pussy, but all he could do was hang on as the orgasm curled his toes and made him throw his head back, moaning in delight.
The guy pulled out and Cam slumped to the chair, feeling the cum still inside him, leaking down his thighs. He pushed his long hair out of his eyes and began trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

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  1. Despite the wrong cause I love it to become Mila in this unexpected way, and I also love it to be sealed as Mila permanently by receiving the cum load from her coworker deep inside me, enjoying the surprising realisation of my most intimate wish in such a remarkable way…. . – Tom –

  2. Unbeknown to Cam he was sealed in Mila’s body by receiving the cum load inside her. And meanwhile Mila was very surprised and upset to find herself sealed in her friends body, realising that he must have found out about her affair, and probably even have tasted it…. . – Tom –

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