The talk

Alice and John were downstairs in the kitchen, each drinking yet another cup of coffee. The Great Shift had landed Alice in her dad’s body and John in his mom’s body. These new bodies took forever to wake up in the morning. They ached in strange places. They didn’t feel as strong or as fast or as just plain virile as they had when they were younger. John hated being in his mom’s body. He couldn’t stand the sight of his naked curves, knowing who they used to belong to. Alice felt much the same about her new body.
The two heard strange noises coming from upstairs. Tiny yelps and grunts. Thinking something was wrong they rushed upstairs and threw open John’s bedroom door. There on the bed were Alice and John’s two bodies going at it. John’s mom’s cock was buried deep in his former sister’s pussy and they were both clearly enjoying themselves.
Before John could protest, his mom grunted and came. John could do nothing but watch as his former body came inside his sister’s pussy.
Both parents were suitably ashamed. It was clear that they felt differently about their new bodies than their kids felt about theirs. It was also clear that John and Alice’s parents couldn’t control their new hormones. The two would constantly sneak away to have sex. It was up to John to sit down with his mom and have “the talk” about protection. By then, though, it was too late.

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  1. A part 2 were alice and jhon try to adapt to their bodies and end up discovering how much they love being in their parents bodies after sex please

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