Request: I luv swap class Captions. Swap class has been banned in the country, due to machines breaking down or male teachers running off with their teenage female bodies. However, some schools continue the swap practice in secret. What I would like to see for a caption is a female teacher and male student are swapped, but a condition of the swap is they have to live each other’s lives, no one even family can know about swap. The teacher is messing around on the student’s pc and decides to check up on her house, husband and body on the houses home security camera system which can be remotely viewed. Only to discover her husband is fucking her body in the kitchen and has no idea it’s not her but her student, inside her body, worse he’s not wearing a condom since she’s off her birth control pills. The horror as she can hear body moaning and telling the husband fill me with cum baby, I want your baby inside me so bad.

Swap Class was banned after numerous people discovered their bodies in compromising situations: Pregnant. Nudes on the internet. Incest.
The equipment was still working and some teachers used it with trusted students, as long as the students kept out of trouble and agreed to live each other’s lives and not reveal what they’d done.
Doreen was a teacher who thought she’d found one such student, a well-mannered honor roll student named Ben. She invited him to join the group. He was the odd man out so he swapped into Doreen’s body.
That night, after dinner with Ben’s family, Doreen returned to her new room and poked around a bit. She was curious about what Ben was up to and whether he was playing her role well, so she logged onto her security cameras from Ben’s computer.
To her shock she saw her husband having sex with her former body in the kitchen. Ben had tossed off his clothes and hiked one leg up on the counter so her husband could drive deep into him. And…he wasn’t wearing a condom.
She couldn’t tear her eyes off the images. Her body was acting like a slut.
“Oh, yes, yes!” Ben moaned. “Fill me with your cum. I want your baby inside me so bad.”
It seemed to drive her husband wild and he redoubled his efforts. Doreen could feel her new cock rising as she watched her old body get slammed from behind. Her husband grunted and came, pulsing into Ben’s new pussy while Doreen grabbed her cock and joined them remotely.
Ben would have a lot to answer for when they swapped back.

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