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Request: I enjoy your accident caps!!! Could you do one about a guy (Rob) is working on a experiment and it explodes cause the family to swap. He ends up as his sister (Alyssa) who had her boyfriend over and was giving her oral. He swapped with his mom (jenny. Before they can react he orgasm All over her. They find out they are stuck.

Rob was working on an experiment in his attic when the reactor core spiked causing the alpha waves to grow unstable. The result was that one second he was in the attic jumping back from a green spark, and the next he was on his knees on a carpet while something warm and rubbery-hard filled his mouth, along with a slight tangy taste.
Hands gripping his hair prevented him from moving his head. Someone groaned above him and then the thing in his mouth throbbed. Jets of warm liquid spurted down his throat and he gagged, finally jerking his head back enough that the thing was out of his mouth. Still, it continued pumping warm spurts over his lips and chin. When he finally opened his eyes he was greeted with the sight of a stranger’s cock.
Looking up, Rob saw his sister’s boyfriend looking down at him in shock.
“Oh my god. I– I don’t know– I’m sorry–“
Rob got to his knees and calmed the boyfriend down, only to discover that he was in his sister’s body and it was his mom in the boyfriend’s body. Talk about awkward.
Even more awkward was that Rob couldn’t figure out how to fix the machine. He was stuck in his sister’s body.
It was a few weeks later when his mom got up the courage to say, “That blowjob felt really good. Could you…give me another one?”
Rob suspected his mom had been experimenting with her new body. That was okay, because Rob had been experimenting with his. It turned out, sucking dick made him really horny.

A freak lightning strike swaps an old man into a young woman’s body where he’s forced to fake his way through her life in Do-Over, a super-sized story available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Bodyswapstories. Preview here.

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  1. Your caps are THE best in every way. Thank you 🙂 Have you ever felt like writing a story about ‘The Stranger’? Many of us would love that.

    1. I’m working on one in between commissions. It’s tricky because I want to leave the Stranger mysterious without doing a whole backstory.

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