Request: Hi! Was hoping to get in on the incredible series of requests you’ve done recently with the following story: A guy named Adam asks gets three wishes, the first to manipulate people’s emotions which he uses to make his wife, Sara, be more into sex. His second wish is that he can alter the physical form of anyone which he uses to enhance himself and his wife to their ideal versions of themselves, and the last is that he could swap bodies to experience sex as his newly smoking hot wife. He would enjoy each wish for a little before making the next. Little does he realize that his wished powers stay with his body, which his wife uses to turn her former body into her personal play thing as she grows drunk with the power of having a penis and being able to make her former body with Adam in it do whatever she wants him to, including a three way with her best friend Leah who she manipulates into being eager for it with it.

Adam had always wanted to have a threesome with his wife, Sara, and her best friend, Leah. But not like this. Not in Sara’s body. Still, Adam couldn’t help but wriggle his tiny body and moan as his wife slowly entered him, spreading apart his pussy with his former cock. Pleasure engulfed him as Leah joined in, her warm tongue sliding across Adam’s sensitive nipple. He spread his legs wide and came, quivering around the rock hard cock inside him, his wife’s moans dripping from his lips as he was forced to enjoy her explosive orgasm.
“Please, please keep fucking me,” he moaned. She spread his slender legs wider and happily obliged, sinking in to the hilt and sending another jolting orgasm through him.
Adam had found a magic lamp and rubbed it to release a genie. With his wife looking on, Adam made a series of selfish wishes. The first was that he could manipulate people’s emotions. He immediately turned to Sara, who had always been lukewarm about sex at the best of times.
“You’ll beg for my cock and nothing will satisfy you until you get it. All you want is for me to fuck you.”
Sara wanted to be mad but just sensing her husband’s cock rising for her pushed away all thoughts except to satisfy herself with him.
Adam’s next wish was that he could alter the physical forms of anyone, which he used to give his wife and himself the perfect bodies. They transformed instantly into idealized versions of themselves. His last wish was that he could swap bodies with her any time he wanted to enjoy the wishes from both sides.
Sara was dripping by now, on her knees begging to be fucked and he obliged, slipping inside her while she clutched herself and moaned, orgasming three times in the short span of time before he finished.
He had Sara call her best friend over to the house and when she arrived he made him just as horny as Sara. Now he had two women begging for his dick. He used his last wish to swap bodies with Sara to enjoy his wife’s newfound sex drive in her petite body. Little did he know that the power stayed with his male body. His wife, suddenly freed from her husband’s emotional trap, gave him a taste of his own medicine.
Adam only realized his mistake after she came inside him and he trembled with his fifth orgasm and then wished to swap back, but nothing happened. Of course, he was worried, but the spell gave him no chance to struggle or fight. Instead of crying or trying to think of a way to find the lamp and undo his wish, he spent his time begging his wife for her cock, aided by Leah. They spent days in bed, stopping only for food and sleep and the occasional shower, but otherwise continuing the threesome. When the new Sara eventually had to go to work, Adam and Leah thought about his cock all day. They tried to satisfy their desire with each other but could only reach orgasm when Sara was around. It was a beautiful trap of Adam’s own making.

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