Best present he could ask for

Jeremy’s body hopping girlfriend always got him the best presents. This year he woke to find his bed empty, and he went out into the living room his girlfriend was waiting for him. She’d stolen the body of Emma, the insufferable blonde bitch from Jeremy’s work, and was stretched out beneath the tree wearing a skimpy negligee.
“Merry Christmas, honey. You can do anything you want to this body.”
Emma was a bitch but she was hot, and Jeremy grew hard at the sight of her. He made her get on her knees and swallow his cock, her little ass in the air. He grunted as he watched Emma suck on his dick, thrusting his cock down her throat as she gagged and drooled down his shaft. He reached over and squeezed her tight ass and that was all it took.
Jeremy came, plunging his dick down her throat and his girlfriend opened her mouth and took him all in, her tiny nose resting against his groin as she drank every drop of his cum.
She stayed inside Emma for all twelve days of Christmas, catering to Jeremy’s every whim and acting like a complete bimbo, willing to do anything Jeremy asked. He’d ruined Emma’s Christmas and had her become his plaything for a week and a half. When his girlfriend hopped out Emma would remember everything she’d done. It was the best Christmas present he could ask for.

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