Live on the scene

The camera man didn’t notice the two onlookers, Mac and Ray, poking around the news van. The reporter ignored them, intent on her job, little suspecting that they were bodyhoppers.
“Tell me what you saw,” the reporter said before thrusting her microphone towards the jogger’s face.
“Well, I was just coming around this track and I saw the tree start to sway…”
No one noticed as the two onlookers glanced at each other and grinned before becoming incorporeal, their essences flowing into the reporter and the jogger. ray was suddenly looking out at the world from the reporter’s eyes. He ran his hand up and down his thigh, growing wet with excitement at the his newest acquisition. Mac droned on, growing hard at the thought of what they had planned.
Finally, Ray was ready.
“And if you come over this way…” Ray said, moving over to the van as the camera man followed them. “Let me show you something really amazing.”
Ray yanked up his skirt and pulled down his panties before bending over the van. At the same time, Mac dropped his pants. He slid his cock into Ray’s dripping hole while Ray laughed with delight, enjoying the feel of his little body get filled with his friend’s borrowed cock.
It had happened so quick and the camera man was so stunned that the entire audience caught a few seconds of the reporter getting fucked in the back of the van on live television. The feed was cut soon enough but the damage was done.
And Mac and Ray remained inside until they were done, flitting out only after Mac had emptied himself into the reporter’s tight pussy. They left, giving control back to the reporter and the jogger, who were shocked to find themselves still connected so intimately.

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  1. Literally one of your best caps ever in my opinion. I love bodyhoppers using random peoples’ bodies to have sex. Great work!

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