Hell to pay

Jordan and Dennis were hanging around with their girlfriends, Emma and Tracey one day. The two guys were messing around with a spell book they’d found in the old library on campus, not taking it seriously.
“Ha, get a load of this,” Jordan exclaimed. “A body possession spell.”
“Right,” Tracey rolled her eyes and tossed back her blonde hair.
“Try it on us,” Jordan laughed, gesturing to the group as a whole.
The spell had blank spaces to insert names, and Jordan read it off. As soon as the last word left his lips the world jumped and he was suddenly standing by the table.
“Whoa!” He exclaimed. But his voice was soft and higher pitched. He looked down to find dark silky air draping down a slender shoulder, and a tiny body tucked into a tight fitting tee and jean shorts. He was in his girlfriend’s body! He looked over at Tracey and saw her examining herself in wonder. There male bodies had disappeared.
“Holy shit, dude!” Dennis exclaimed. “I’m Tracey. We gotta swap back.”
“Hold on,” Jordan said, placing his tiny hand on Dennis’s. “What’s the rush? Maybe we should enjoy this first.”
Before he could finish, Dennis launched himself on to Tracey’s svelte body, kissing her and running his new hands up and down her form. It felt so wonderful that Jordan kissed him back. Both guys enjoyed the warm sensations roiling their bodies as they stroked and kissed each other, slowly undressing each other and exclaiming in delight at each new revealed inch of skin.
Their girlfriends, however, were still in their own bodies, stuck as passengers as they were made to kiss each other. They couldn’t stop themselves growing wet. Tracey couldn’t stop herself from getting naked and laying back on the table. Emma couldn’t stop herself from dipping her head between her friend’s legs and licking her wet pussy. Even as Tracey orgasmed around Emma’s head, she was so mad at her boyfriend for making her do this. When she got her body back there would be hell to pay.

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  1. Fun idea, would love to see the girlfriend’s revenge. Maybe she forces his body to seduce someone he’d rather no be with…

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