The Swap Company

Request: I would like to see one where Sam and his girlfriend are thinking about getting engaged and moving in together. They don’t want to “live in sin” so they decide to use a company that swaps them into the bodies of a brother and sister. The company they use claims that they won’t be sexually attracted to each other as their bodies are siblings so they can trial run living together. And the parents will act as built in chaperones. After a week Sam and Kandice are so horny in their teen bodies that they end up having sex while the parents are out running errands. The parents come back and immediately use the machine to pull them out of their son and daughter. The siblings regain awareness just as they cum together. Sam and Kandice decide to move forward with getting married. The parents sue the company for false claims. (The siblings can be named David and Cherri.

Sam and Kandice were dating and thinking of getting married. They’d both been raised in strict Christian households and their parents wouldn’t abide them living in sin together. Enter the Swap Company.
The Company found a donor family that included Dave and Cheri, a brother and sister who agreed to swap bodies with Sam and Kandice, respectively. The Company claimed that Sam and Kandice wouldn’t be attracted to each other because their temporary bodies would be naturally repulsed at the thought of siblings having sex. Also, they lived with their parents so there would be someone to chaperone. Everyone thought it was a great idea and it was…for the first week.
But Sam and Kandice’s new hormones got the better of them and they found that they weren’t, in fact, repulsed by the idea of getting physical with each other.
“Plus,” Sam added, “Sex in other bodies doesn’t count. We’d still be virgins.”
“Just like the anal and blowjob loophole!” Kandice exclaimed.
Anal and blowjobs weren’t “real” sex, and Sam and Kandice were intimately experienced with those. Sam had never been inside a pussy before, and Kandice’s new body was getting wet just thinking about it.
Soon Kandice was on her stomach, her cute ass raised in the air while Sam pumped away with long strokes, filling her tight borrowed pussy with his own borrowed cock.
Their parents heard what was going on and ran to put a stop to it, hitting the emergency “Swap Back” button. Unfortunately, they were a little too slow.
David immediately found himself back in his own body, ramming his cock into his sister’s tight cunt and throbbing as he came. Cheri gasped and peered back at her brother, just in time to feel him pump her full of cum, which pushed her over the edge. She climaxed around her brother’s dick, enjoying each burst of his seed as it filled her despite her disgust.
The company was sued, Sam and Kandice got married, and David and Cheri got addicted to each other, beginning a years-long secret tryst that both disgusted and aroused them.

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