This one looks nice

“Ooh, this looks nice,” Amber heard her voice say.
Her hands reached out for a vibrator on the store shelf. She slipped it out of its packaging and turned it on. It buzzed to life in her hand.
Amber had been shopping one weekend when she suddenly lost control of her body. She was stuck as a passenger in her own mind as someone flexed her fingers and made her look herself up and down. Her struggles were futile as the person made her walk down the block to the store that sold erotic toys.
Now, with the vibrator buzzing in her hand, she found herself unbuttoning her pants and sliding the small metal nub up against her entrance. Her other hand came up and squeezed a breast, the stranger groping her with her own hands.
Amber was mortified but could do nothing as the stranger slid the vibrator up and down her slit. Amber could feel the desire growing within her, pulled along by the stranger’s lust. In moments she was wet and cresting to an orgasm right there in the store.
One of the women behind the counter noticed what she was doing and came towards her to admonish her. At that moment Amber came, groaning as her body shook happily, the unwanted orgasm coursing through her as her own voice cried out in ecstasy.
“I’ll take this one,” her body grinned at the sales lady “And do you have anything bigger?”
The stranger walked Amber’s body out of the store with her new purchases. Amber had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach knowing that the bag contained the biggest vibrator the store sold, and that she was on her way home to use it.

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