Just like that

“Yeah, suck it just like that,” Connor moaned, staring down at Jayden to watch his cock disappear between those supple lips.
Jayden gulped down the bully’s cock as well as he could, all the while he felt his mom’s fat butt swaying behind him and her heavy breasts bouncing up and down on the couch.
Jayden was at home with his mom one afternoon when there was a knock on the door. Opening it, he was surprised to find Connor on his doorstep. Connor was a stoner who loved picking on Jayden and he was there for Jayden’s ultimate humiliation. Connor had found a magic app that allowed him to swap the bodies of any two people, and he used it to swap Jayden into his own mom’s body.
Suddenly, Jayden was standing in the kitchen, his mom’s body beneath him, the dress stretching around her ample breasts and plump bottom. He raced out to confront Connor, his hips and tits swaying like mad.
Connor just laughed and promised to reverse everything on one condition:
“If you give me the best blowjob of my life.”
Connor dropped his pants and sat bare-bottomed on the couch. Jayden had no choice but to kneel between his bully’s legs and suck Connor’s cock between his mom’s plump lips. He drove his mouth down and up Connor’s manhood, sliding his tongue along the underside of Connor’s shaft while Connor grunted and urged him on.
Connor came suddenly and without warning, clamping his hand onto the back of Jayden’s head and not letting go, forcing Jayden to gulp down each warm burst of cum. When Connor finished Jayden was finally allowed to stand up.
“Can you switch us back now?”
“Maybe,” Connor replied. “Get me a sandwich first and I’ll think about it.”
That was the point Jayden began to worry he would never get his body back.

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  1. I love Bully into mom swaps a lot more.
    Mother is supposed to be gentle and caring. Her body acting cold and abusing the one she nurtured is super hot.

  2. Man! These “bully swaps bullñied to mother’s body” caps are so great, another story like thia would be great to have

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