New lives

Elizabeth and Morgan found a body swapping spell and were excited when their boyfriends, Zack and Ross, agreed to swap bodies and work out at the gym for them. It became a regular routine. Zack and Ross would show up at their girlfriend’s houses four days a week, swap bodies with them, then meet in the gym for training.
But most of their “training” was training each other how to make each other feel good. As soon as they arrived at the private gym, Zak would assume the position on the floor, his cute little ass in the air, while Mark would stick his girlfriend’s face between his friend’s legs and lick Zack’s pussy until he came. Zack’s pussy tasted so delicious through Morgan’s tongue. And Elizabeth’s moans sounded so wonderful to Zack’s ears.
Then they switched positions. Then they switched again. And again. If there was time, they did a quick workout.
Elizabeth and Morgan began to get suspicious as the weeks passed and their bodies weren’t getting very toned. Unfortunately, their suspicions came too late. Zack and Ross never returned home one day. Later they sent their girlfriends messages telling them they’d run off in their new bodies to start new lives.
Zack and Ross never got very fit even though they had incredible full body workouts several times a day in the form of orgasms.

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