What are friends for?

“You have to fuck me, bro,” Sebastian said, “I can’t have these tits grow any bigger.”
“Naw, bro, it would be weird,” Carter demurred.
Sebastian threw off his top and let his tits bob down. He wiggled his thighs and pushed his pants halfway down, then grabbed a tit and tried to make a seductive face at his friend.
“Come on, baby,” Sebastian purred.
“I can’t!”
“Bro! If you don’t fuck me in the nest five minutes these tits are gonna double in size!”
Sebastian was a victim of the Stranger, who turned him into a flat-chested woman and warned him that if he didn’t have sex every six hours his tits would double in size. It took a day and a half for Sebastian to realize how much trouble he was in. After skipping just four sessions his tits were already tremendous. Since then, he’d been fucking religiously.
But now he’d gotten caught out at his friend’s house, having lost track of the time. His new tits were already heavy and unwieldy. If they doubled in size again they would be unmanageable.
“Find someone else,” Carter said. He was having a hard time getting over the fact it was his friend in that hot body. She had all the same mannerisms as the old Sebastian and it was really off-putting.
“Get in this fucking hole now or I’ll kick your ass!”
Sebastian dropped his tit and shoved his hand down Carter’s pants to stroke his cock. Though Carter’s mind was reluctant, his body was not, and he soon had his friend bent over the couch, breasts bouncing as he pumped into him from behind. That’s what friends are for.

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  1. Good use of his more transformative abilities. If they actually doubled that many times they should be huge. Really huge. Geometric progression is one of the riddles you learn about a penny becomes over a million dollars, fast. If we say flat counts as 1, then doubled 4 times, is 16. If flat is AA, then, first growth is (2)B…(4)D…(8)H…(16)P. Of course breasts don’t have to fit standard manufacturing standards, and this doesn’t account for band size. But either way the breast tissue, is true metric. It’s a huge amount, they’re already unwieldy. If he misses another session it’s 36. 36-26(letters in alphabet) = 10. After 26 we go around again and get and arrive at JJ. Impossibly large. He absolutely cannot afford to even get a decent sleep.

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