The sitter

Carmen threw her head back and cried out lustily as her body shook with an orgasm. Her fingers were deep inside herself, wiggling back and forth in her tight canal and making pleasure shoot through her body from head to toe. She’d forgotten about the young man she was supposed to be babysitting as she spread her legs as wide as she could and slid her finger into her wet heat. Delight shot through her, making her shake as she came again around her wonderful fingers.
Carmen had no idea what had come over. One minute she’d been content watching television while the guy she was babysitting was alone in his room doing whatever it was teens did alone in their room. The next minute she’d had a sudden urge to stand and go into the guy’s room. It was empty except for an ancient book lying on the bed.
Carmen thought she should have been worried about the sudden disappearance of the guy, but a smile spread over her face and she shucked off her clothes in the room. Hell, she may as well take the opportunity to enjoy a quick orgasm. She touched her body like she’d never seen it before until she finally slipped a finger inside herself and laughed in surprise at the easy delight that spread through her.
Carmen had no idea she was being controlled by the guy she was supposed to be watching. He was inside, enjoying her orgasm with her while she thought it was her own impulses.

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