Did not disappoint

BodyPossession.com Review
Name: Beth Trainor
Age: 27
Bra Size: 32D
Occupation: Chef
Relationship History: Lesbian Relationship
Libido: Medium, gets very wet
Cost: $$

Took this body because I wanted to have my first lesbian experience and it did not disappoint. I recommend the personality package because Beth is a fun loving woman. Her partner knows just how to please her and I think her finger brought more pleasure than any penis ever could. Was lovely being in a caring, committed relationship.
Janice H.

Get. This. Pussy. I’m serious. Beth is the wettest I’ve ever been. If you can find just the right angle her pleasure will send you to the moon. Seriously, I was like a fountain. And that was before her girlfriend even came home. The most fun you’ll ever have with a pussy and eating one.
Andre O.

Beth was okay but her girlfriend was a real bitch about me bringing home a guy. Guess it’s frowned upon or whatever. I invited her to join us but she left. Guess this body hasn’t had much dick before judging by the other reviews. Made the guy feel real good thinking he’d turned a lesbian. Jokes on him because I made up with her partner and had sex with her too!
Cal Monroe

My buddy and I possessed Beth and her partner at the same time. I think I got the better deal though was a little jealous how much I soaked my friend. Slippery as heck for sure. Would definitely recommend doing this as a package deal with the two women and include their knowledge so you can enjoy some incredible orgasms.
Jake D.

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  1. Wow this concept was great as always! Would love to see a follow up from the perspective of her partner.

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