Last wish

“When I said I wanted to get into Gabriela’s panties this is not what I meant,” Javier said to the genie as he hugged himself tight.
The genie boomed laughter. “Then you should have been more specific. You have one wish left.”
Javier stared at the genie, considering his options. Gabriela was his rich neighbor he’d been crushing on forever and now, thanks to an ill-worded wish, he was inhabiting her body. He felt so small and slender and nearly naked. He wasn’t used to having so much skin on display. And he really wasn’t used to the pleasantly hefty weight on his chest.
Javier flicked his head to toss the hair out of his eyes. As he shifted from one leg to another the dress brushed against his bare thighs. A little thrill of excitement ran through him at owning the body he’d been desiring for so long.
His first wish was to be rich and it had been granted. He’d become an indolent playboy, wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.
Javier’s second wish had been flubbed and now he was in a petite woman’s body. He was still rich, but it was family money. He would likely be married off to some rich husband. Eye candy for a playboy like the one he’d briefly become.
Maybe it would be better to stay as Gabriela. He would have this body to enjoy forever. Gabriela seemed carefree. She seemed to have a good life. Would it be so bad being a hot, rich young woman?
What should Javier’s last wish be?

I’m going to use my body hopping powers to possess a gorgeous young woman and enjoy a vacation in her body in Getaway, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Maybe a Part 2 where Javier gets with Gabriella in his old body, and the third wish is to make all wishes irreversible.

    good cap

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