The Device Returns (MtF Transformation)

Two friends find a device that can transform them into anyone they want and have some fun until everything goes wrong in The Device Returns, on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

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“Oh, shit,” Daniel said, looking back and forth between his friend and the poster. “You think the thing did that?”

Caleb gave him a stare. “Really?”

“I mean…yeah, I know it did. But I meant, you know…can it do that? Can anything do that?” Daniel gave up trying to figure out what he was attempting to say. “I mean…Jesus.”

“I gotta change back,” Caleb insisted, but Daniel stepped in his way and lightly clasped Caleb’s bare shoulders.

“Hold on, hold on. If the machine can change you back, it can change you back whenever you want. But if it can’t then you’re stuck anyway.”

“What are you trying to say?”

There was a germ of an idea in there but, as usual, Daniel had trouble expressing it. “I mean, say the machine changes you back, right? Then you’re back but it might not work ever again. Don’t you want to…I don’t know…” Daniel reddened, “Check things out first? You can always change back later.”

Daniel turned him back to the mirror and Caleb looked at himself. Now that the initial shock had worn off it was actually pretty interesting being suddenly transformed into a hot rocker chick. He slid the gauzy top off himself and looked down at his body. His eyes were drawn to his new cleavage, the supple mounds held aloft by a bra that appeared to be made of delicate chainmail. He’d never seen breasts in real life and he reached around to unclasp his bra. He had trouble finding the clasp and soon felt Daniel grip his bra and help him. The pressure on his chest eased and he slid the straps off each shoulder and let the bra jingle to the floor.

Caleb’s tits bounced free and he gaped at them. His pale pink nipples were already hard from the touch of the cold metal bra, and he took his breasts in each hand. He squeezed them experimentally. They were warm and firm, with just the right amount of give. Not huge, by any means, but a good size for grabbing. He stroked himself, tiny fingers tickling over and under each breast before he covered them with his palms and squeezed once more. He could easily cover them with each hand. His fingers dimpled his soft flesh as an unfamiliar electric charge flitted through his body.

Watching the rocker chick touch herself from within her body, her hands squeezing her tits, her mouth slightly agape in the mirror as she explored herself, made the inner spark dance through Caleb. She was hot. Her body taut and with gentle curves, at the prime of her life. A dampness gathered in his panties and he let his hand draw down across his stomach and over the metal panties guarding his new sex.

Warm hands surrounded him as Daniel hugged him from behind and clasped his breasts. Caleb jumped in surprise as his friend squeezed his tits.

“What are you doing?” Caleb asked, his voice purring with arousal despite himself.

“Your tits are awesome,” Daniel said, squeezing them.

Caleb felt his friend’s erection press up against his tiny bottom and was suddenly aware of the immense size difference and the seeming delicateness of his new body.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Caleb said, shrugging off his friend.

Daniel stepped back and Caleb swung round to face him, his tits bouncing on his chest as he did so. Caleb pushed the feathery blonde hair out of his eyes.

“I don’t think I’m ready for…for that. But why don’t you film me as I touch myself?”

Daniel hurriedly got out his phone and switched on the camera with trembling hands. By the time he was ready and aiming it at Caleb, Caleb was lying on the couch.

Caleb beckoned to Daniel to come closer, and then grabbed his breasts again. The electric charge in his body was more urgent now, and his hands moved faster across his tits, pressing them together into mounds before dropping them and letting them spill back down his chest. Grabbing the nipple of one, he slowly pulled it up, stretching out his tit and releasing it to let it snap back into place, the breast bouncing as it did so.

He was unable to stay still now, his restless toes curling and uncurling as his body called out for more. Caleb yanked his panties off, shuffling his ass in the air and rolling his panties down his legs before kicking them off into the air. They landed on Daniel’s head and they both laughed.

Caleb looked down at his naked body and ran a hand through the thick blonde bush between his thighs. She really was an 80s chick, wild and free. His fingers disappeared beneath the hair and he followed his crease by touch, stroking up and down as he grew more inflamed. He wiggled his chest and moaned softly, the charge tickling him, and now he needed to find the right touch to release it.

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  1. With you doing all different stories of original books you made is there a chance of creeping inside or another version of in the doghouse

    1. These continuations of stories and variations have all been commissioned requests by different people. Usually in my books I create a whole new story but maybe next time I do a story of my own I can build on an established universe.

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