Madison was home from college for the weekend with her boyfriend when the Role Exchanger passed through town. She had been a slender athlete, but that all changed when her lower half morphed into her mom's thicc body. It ended up being a rare three way switch, where her boyfriend gained her lower half, and her mom gained her boyfriend's lower half. Now Madison had a huge, unwieldy ass, her boyfriend had her slender frame and tight pussy, and her mom had her boyfriend's dick.
Even worse, their desires were all mixed up. Madison had her boyfriend's horniness while her mom had her husband's attraction to curvy women. The combination led to an interesting weekend.
It was a few hours after the exchange, and Madison's mom had been rock hard the whole time watching her daughter's butt jiggling every time she moved. Madison was wet and dying to touch herself but trying to ignore the desperate need for release. They both snapped after everyone had gone to bed and they were alone in the living room. One errant touch as Madison wobbled by her mom was all it took for their defenses to collapse and they grabbed onto each other, kissing passionately and moaning, their bodies on fire with lust.
Madison's mom threw her onto the floor and drove Madison's boyfriend's dick deep between the cheeks of her plump ass, her groin thumping up against her daughter and making the tremendous ass jiggle so wonderfully. Madison moaned and spread herself, pleasure filling her body. She shook as her mom fucked her with her boyfriend's cock.
Her mom gripped her thicc butt, fingers dimpling the skin and thrust deep, groaning as she emptied herself into her daughter's transformed form, while Madison clutched herself and cried out as her lust was sated. For the moment, anyway.

A man possesses the body of his long-time crush and melds their minds together, enjoying himself for a weekend as they grow closer than ever in Just Relaxing, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. I love when the Role Exhcanger fucks up family dynamics. 😅 I wonder how the boyfriend is doing with his girlfriend’s pussy.

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