Swap and load

Mia had left her mom and her boyfriend at home and gone out to grab dinner when the Stranger visited the house. Mia knew nothing of what had happened, and arrived back home to find her mom on her knees in front of her boyfriend, her head bobbing up and down his cock as he grunted in delight.
"What the fuck?!" Mia cried.
Her mom didn't even turn around, just kept sucking her boyfriend's dick. Her boyfriend turned to her, his face still a mask of ecstasy.
"It's not...ugh...what it looks...oooh...like," he managed. "It was...oh fuck!"
He came, and Mia's mom drove her lips down his shaft, drinking up all the spurts of hot cum.
"The Stranger came in and m--" Mia's boyfriend began.
"--ade us keep swapping bodies..." her mom picked up the sentence effortlessly. "...and we have to--mmmph."
Her mom stopped talking to drag her lips down the slick shaft, still tangy with the last explosion of cum.
Mia had heard of the stranger, and after a few more rounds she managed to figure out that they were stuck in an endless cycle of blowjobs and body swapping.
Mia took a seat at the kitchen table and ate dinner while her boyfriend and her mom continued to swap and suck dick. There were people all over the city in similar predicaments, and no known way of ending the spell.

Two friends find a device that can transform them into anyone they want and have some fun until everything goes wrong in The Device Returns, on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. Would love a longer version of the stranger stories, the transformations are always fun and original.

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