Teacher’s petting

You’ve already gone this far in your teacher’s body so why stop now? Your new tits were so much fun to play with, heavy and full. Wonderfully squeezable as you caressed them with her hands. Now they fall back down her chest as you reach down and tug up her panties.
There’s her mound. Your mound now. Her dark pubic hair is scratchy beneath your fingertips as you stroke it experimentally. It contrasts nicely with the smoothness of her pussy lips beneath. It suddenly hits you that you’re making your teacher masturbate and you release a giggle that turns into a sigh as your fingers find your wet folds.
Taking Swap Class was the best choice you ever made. The class was uneven so you got to swap with the busty young teacher. You couldn’t wait to get home and touch yourself. Hell, your panties have been damp with anticipation since the swap.
Now you finally sink your fingers into your pussy. A beautiful tension pulses through you, making your legs flex as your finger glides up and down your wet folds.
“Oh, fuck,” you whisper to yourself as pleasure grips you, makes your body quake with a small orgasm.
When it’s over you need more. You slide another finger inside yourself and play with your tits with the other hand, massaging your body. The tension ratchets up again as you finger yourself faster, harder. This orgasm is deeper, longer than the first one, and you cry out in the empty room, continuing to finger your body and fulfill the desperate need inside you.

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