Hot date

Logan had become much better at applying makeup in the six months since the Great Shift swapped him into his girlfriend’s body. There had been a learning curve though. He never realized how much effort she spent at making herself look good until he had to do it.
Logan had to keep his body toned by watching his diet and exercising regularly. His girlfriend (well, now ex-girlfriend) had made him do it, expecting to get her body back any day. But as time passed they realized that would never happen. Still, Logan found he’d settled into a routine. He liked looking beautiful. Liked the attention he was getting. Liked being able to run his hands down his smooth, warm skin whenever he wanted.
He tilted his head, maneuvering the lipstick across his plump lips with a now-expert eye. God, he enjoyed walking around like this. Barely clothed as he ogled his hips and his breasts and his nearly naked body.
Logan had a hot date tonight with another shifted man. Their fourth date. The great thing about a fellow shifted was they understood what Logan was going through. And Logan’s date also enjoyed dressing up his body. They had a friendly competition going on over who was sexier. Tonight, Logan was determined to win. Although, the prize was tumbling into bed together, so they both always won.

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