What a surprise

When Michael regained consciousness he was in a stranger’s bedroom. As he began to stand up his legs tangled in some fabric and he looked down straight at two breasts held together beneath a black and white dress. He yelped — a strangely feminine sound — and lost his balance.
When he again struggled to his knees he brushed the dark hair out of his eyes and froze. He was looking into a mirror and there, looking back at him, was his ex-wife. His eyes went wide. One hand dropped onto his legs, fingers landing on the soft, smooth skin of his thigh. His gaze briefly dipped down to the cleavage he now possessed, the pillowy tits he used to bury his head between were now his.
Michael stood awkwardly and began searching around the room for her phone. He was off balance and wobbly, his body now all strange curves and misplaced weight. Every time he took a step his tits wobbled on his chest and when he bent to search the nightstand he could feel his breasts being pulled down by gravity.
He finally found her phone and called his number. His own voice picked up after a couple of rings.
“Why Hannah, what a surprise!” She said.
Michael could hear the smile in that crazy bitch’s voice. He gripped the phone tighter.
“What did you do?” He asked, his ex’s throaty voice spilling from his own lips.
“You didn’t think it would be that easy to divorce a witch, did you? I’ll give you some time to think.”
She hung up, leaving Michael to contemplate life in his ex-wife’s body.

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