Name that movie

Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation, stuck in my mom’s body while I ride my dad.
It all started back when my mom brought home this ancient artifact from the museum. I was holding it when we started arguing once again about her not letting me go out with friends. I remember yelling at her that I wished she knew what it was like to be me, and she retorted that she wished that I knew how she felt. She grabbed the artifact from my hand right then and it swapped our bodies.
Suddenly, I was looking at the world through my mom’s eyes. We both knew how this was supposed to go. We pretend to be each other, live each other’s lives and then we’d get swapped back once we came to understand each other.
It didn’t exactly work out like that. The first thing I did was undress and play with my boobs and my pussy. Wouldn’t you? I mean, yeah, they belonged to my mom, but they were on me so why I couldn’t I enjoy them? And enjoy them I did. As I fondled her heavy tits and thrust my fingers into her sopping wet pussy I enjoyed the most immense orgasm. From that point on I was addicted.
I was so fucking horny in my mom’s body I just needed to get off whenever I could. And when I discovered how good my dad was at pleasuring me, well, that clinched it.
The swap happened months ago and we’ve lost all hope of swapping back. Instead, I end up riding my dad every night and now he’s taken to coming home during lunch for some afternoon delight. My mom’s pussy is awesome, and I love the huge orgasms that wash through me while I finger myself, my dad’s hard cock deep inside, filling my hot, wet pussy. And when he throbs and fills me with his hot cum I feel like a real woman.

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