Teacher Conference

Rob knew that all the shit he pulled in class was going to get him in trouble when his mom met Mr. Dawkins at the parent-teacher conference tonight. Fortunately, he’d stolen a helmet and some sonic implants from his dad’s laboratory that looked just like a pair of earrings. He’d given the earrings to his mom as a “gift” then ran into his room to put on the helmet. As soon as his mom put them on Mike was able to control her body from the inside.

“Wow,” he said in his mom’s voice as he stared at his new body in the bedroom mirror, “This shit really works.” He laughed hearing his mother swear; it rarely happened. “Fuck me in my fucking cunt, my tits are huge,” he giggled in her soft voice as he made her jiggle her breasts. This was awesome, he could make her body do and say anything!

Ok, if he wanted to get out of trouble tonight all he had to do was charm his teacher. Mr. Dawkins was such a lech, this should be easy. Rob went through his mother’s closet and picked out some clothes that could barely be called an outfit. Hair and makeup weren’t hard, he was able to access his mother’s memory. When he was done he stood back and posed in the mirror, trying to find the best way to show off his new body.

“Wow, mom, you’re fucking super slutty tonight,” Rob said, delighting in hearing his mother’s soft voice swear so much. He threw back his hair and adjusted his tits. After tonight he didn’t think Mr. Dawkins would hassle him anymore.

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