My Turn



May I please request that a man struggles to posses his shapely neighbor but through the end of the struggle he wins her body.


[Warning: I tend to find possession stories become pretty dark, this one is no exception]

As soon as Rich cast the possession spell the world went fuzzy. The world twisted into unrecognizable shapes as his mind was pushed into the body of his voluptuous neighbour, Lori.

At first he was just a passenger in her mind, watching, feeling, smelling through her senses but unable to exert control as she sat in bed reading. He took in the sight of his massive breasts, the strands of hair tickling his shoulders, the shape of his nose at the bottom of his peripheral vision. He could also “hear” vague murmurs, words and pictures, and realized he was listening to her thoughts.

He concentrated on her right hand, slowly making her move it up to brush her breast with the tip of her fingers. At first she was absorbed in the book and noticed nothing, easily regaining control when she turned the page. It had felt different when he was in control, more “there” somehow. Rich concentrated on her arm again until he felt himself mentally coming to the foreground. He had it!

He mad her bring her hand back to her massive breast and gently squeezed. This time she noticed. She dropped the book in alarm and looked down at the hand I now controlled. I heard her thoughts trying to figure out what was going on. While she was distracted I slipped into the rest of her body and suddenly I was there. In control.

I forced her arms to pull her nightie over her head and toss it on the floor. I felt her mind reeling and she fought back, resisting. Making her pull her sexy legs out from under the covers and onto the floor was like moving in sludge.

“Stop fighting it,” I said in her voice and felt her thoughts scrambling madly, trying to figure out what was happening. I was growing stronger and soon made her body edge to the side of the bed where I admired my new curves in the mirror.

“You’ve got such a great body,” I said as I stared in the mirror, forcing her to watch as I made her rub her massive tits. “You should enjoy it more.”

I stuck a finger into her pussy, then brought it to my lips and into my mouth. I felt her disgust as I tasted her sex, and smiled. “I know I will.”

“Mmm, such pretty tits. I’m sure we could find some men more than willingly to cover them in cum.” I smiled as I stood and swayed her sexy hips to the closet. Inside she tried to rebel, but I was in control.

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  1. Can you do a swap where a guy named Will makes a bet with a girl Beth, that he couldn’t last one month in her body? He declines but wakes up and begins transforming…

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