Doug’s girlfriend, Julia, had recently swapped bodies with him as a punishment for making several cracks about women and Doug was still getting the hang of his new body. It wasn’t easy walking up stairs in heels. He’d almost made it to the top when he slipped and fell. He felt his dress, which was too short to begin with, slip up and a cool breeze caress his shapely new ass. Doug heard his girlfriend laugh, or heard himself rather, now that she was in his body. He managed to regain his balance and stood just as his hair flopped into his eyes making him blind as well as half undressed. Doug angrily threw back the long hair and adjusted the dress, slipping his fingers back and around his ass to adjust the thong which had slid up uncomfortably between the crack of his cheeks. Doug shot his girlfriend an angry look. He couldn’t believe she was making him stay in her body for the rest of the day. Or longer if he was badly behaved.

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