Take them for a day

“Hi, honey, having fun?” My wife asked me from within my body as she strolled outside with a drink in her hand.
“Oh, god, yes,” I said, gathering her enormous tits in my hands and licking the little nipple. That familiar spark of warmth was already throbbing inside me and only burned brighter as I stroked and squeezed and kissed my wife’s giant tits.
My wife had found her huge breasts bothersome so I jokingly offered to take them for the day. Little did I know that she knew magic and I soon found my wish granted. I was in her stacked body while she was in mine.
I’ve been naked and touching myself all day. It’s been incredible walking around as my wife, enjoying the jiggle of my tits at each step and the wonderful sensitivity of my new pussy. I’ve been horny for my body all day, my old male sexual desires still with me in my new gorgeous body.
I even let her fuck me with my own dick. I bounced up and down on her cock as I sucked on her tits, orgasming around my own huge member. Even after she finished inside me, pumping me full of hot cum, I wanted more. I rolled over and immediately began stroking my slick sex until I enjoyed another massive orgasm.
Now I looked back at my wife, my lips wrapped around my nipple. I dropped my tit long enough to ask her if she was ready for another go at her pussy. She told me soon, and continued staring at me in lust as I performed for her, touching her body as she grew harder until she just had to have me once again. Our two bodies joined in lust, moaning as we came together.

Sexy Venera

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