Kai woke up disoriented and in a stranger’s tent. He’d been camping the night before and set up his tent, but it didn’t look anything like the one he now found himself inside. As he rubbed his eyes and sat up something swun heavily across his chest. Looking down, he saw a naked woman’s body and, right in front of his eyes, a perfect pair of tits.
“What the fuck?” he cried, in a pleasantly feminine voice.
He grabbed at his body, feeling the soft skin, the slender arms, the curvy waist. His hand slipped down between his legs and he found the thatch of curly pubic hair covering his new entrance. He jerked his hand away and gaped around the interior of the tent. He struggled to make his way to the zipper. When he finally got the door open he knelt in the warm morning air, looking around at the campsite he’d found himself in.
There was no one around and he had no idea where he was. His surroundings didn’t look familiar.
His new body felt so much smaller and lighter than his own. Even covered up he couldn’t pretend he was anything other than a petite young woman. But what happened? Who was he? Where was he?
He rummaged through his backpack for some clothes. Even covered he couldn’t ignore how different his new body was. He was smaller and lighter, and the long hair kept tickling his cheek.
Kai found a map showing a nearby town. It was a long way from where he’d been the night before but maybe there were answers there.
He packed up his tent and shrugged the heavy backpack over his slender shoulders before setting off to find answers.

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