Quick lay

Michael stripped his mom’s shirt off as his friend, Wayne, reached up for his massive breasts.
“Jesus, your mom has some big tits,” Wayne laughed as he squeezed them, his hands greedy for his friend’s mom’s body.
“Don’t I know it,” Michael agreed, tossing his shirt to the floor. “I’ve had to carry these fucking things around all day. I should get some pleasure out of them.”
Michael leaned on his friend’s chest and slowly rocked his body while his friend felt him up. Wayne’s cock was lodged deep within Michael’s slick opening and every motion sent his cockhead hard up against Michael’s innermost pleasure.
Michael’s mom had swapped their bodies in order to teach him some sort of lesson. Something about respecting her or some bullshit. The only lesson Michael learned was that her tits were heavy and her pussy felt good with a dick inside it.
Wayne wasn’t even the first friend Michael had fucked that day. He’d gone around to everyone’s house, telling them what happened and offering up his mom’s body. So far all ten of them had taken him up on the offer and he’d been riding dicks most of the day.
Michael figured when his mom got back she’d be so embarrassed she would never do this to him again. It would serve her right.
What Michael didn’t know was that the first time one of his friends came inside his body, Michael became cum-locked, forever stuck in his mom’s curvy body. This body would be his forever now.
On the plus side, his friends could get a quick lay whenever they wanted.

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  1. Awesome as always. But I wanted to request an animal swap. Preferably a horse one with girl. You haven’t done one in a whiiiiillleeeee !! Please

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