Stop that!

“Stop that!” Meredith hissed, but her hands continued sliding her panties down her thick thighs. She furrowed her brow but could do nothing from stopping her body from kicking off the panties.
The Stranger had melded Meredith and her boyfriend, absorbing him into her body so that she only controlled her head while he controlled the rest of her. The Stranger had also made her incredibly horny and, while Meredith could resist the temptation, her boyfriend plainly could not.
She furrowed her brow as her hands wandered over her curves, squeezing her large breasts before roaming down around to her plump thighs. She whimpered as she grew wet, but couldn’t stop herself from spreading her legs and plunging her fingers into her pussy. She could feel everything; she just had no control.
So she felt her slippery pussy as her fingers found her clit, felt the deep ache in her core as her other hand slid two fingers in through her entrance, felt her body jiggle as she twisted and shook with desire. But she could only go along for the ride as her boyfriend used her own fingers to make her cum.
She cried out as the pleasure burst through her, the fire consuming her body while she stroked herself all the way through the climax, coming to rest only once the shuddering desire had passed.
Her boyfriend signed that he was sorry, using her hands. Meredith understood, but she wasn’t happy about it.
“We have to get dressed for this party tonight.” She said, and her boyfriend slid her panties back on.
It would be their first time going out since the Stranger had struck. She was tired of hiding. She missed her friends.
Meredith hadn’t told anyone what happened, and she hoped if her boyfriend was overtaken by lust she could find an empty bathroom somewhere.

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  1. I love when you make content like this. Wrestling for control or dealing with imperfect control… it’s exactly my speed.

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