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BodyPossession.com Review
Name: Taylor Lawson
Age: 46
Bra Size: 36E
Occupation: Veterinarian
Relationship History: Divorced. Single.
Libido: Moderate. Highly aroused with nipple play.
Cost: $

As a flat chested woman I was curious what it would be like to have huge breasts and Taylor did not disappoint. You couldn’t hide them if you tried! Once you get used to being so top heavy it’s actually pretty fun to see other people’s reactions. Most of the guys I met in her body probably couldn’t remember my face but they’d be able to pick her tits out of a lineup.

Oh my god, you have to try these tits! I’ve possessed other women but Taylor has by far the most sensitive nipples I’ve ever touched. I gave myself like three orgasms just pinching these fat round things. I’d recommend you possess her after hours so the patients don’t look at you funny when you come out of the office after three screaming orgasms.

Took the last reviewer’s advice and waited until Taylor was free. She doesn’t have a boyfriend so there was no trouble inviting my real husband around for some fun. Like others have said, her boobs are great fun. My husband and I really enjoyed them. I’ve never had an orgasm just with boobie sex before!

I clearly wasn’t the first guy to orgasm in her office but I think I was the first guy to walk out with my top down and ask if anyone else wanted to join me. You should have seen the look on the patient’s faces! It got even better when I started touching my tits right in front of them. You could have heard a pin drop. At least, you could have if I hadn’t been moaning so loudly.This is a good body to ruin because there’s no boyfriend or husband trying to stop you.

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  1. Love possession.com stories and caps!
    Would love to read another full story about the process!
    Additionally, could you start tagging them since they’re getting more common?

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