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Request: I’d love to see a caption where a guy’s mom doesn’t trust him to be home alone while she’s out of town for fear of him bringing his girlfriend over and being unsupervised. So she turns her son into a copy of herself. When his best friend comes over to look for him some unexpected sexy hijinks ensue

Zak's mother had to go on a trip, but she didn't trust Zak. She knew the moment she left that he'd call his girlfriend over and they would have s-e-x. So she used her magic to turn him into a duplicate of her younger self.
It worked for a time, as Zak was too grossed out to look at his mom's body. Though he couldn't escape the feeling of his breasts jiggling on his chest at each step, or the way his hips swayed, or the fact that he had to sit to pee. He showered with his eyes closed, just rinsing his body because he didn't want to touch his mom's tits.
It was all well and good until Zak's friend, Andrew, came over unexpectedly. Andrew was a hit with women. Handsome and charming. When he saw the strange young woman at his friend's house he turned up his game.
Zak still wasn't sure how he ended up naked on the kitchen counter, squirming in ecstasy as Andrew knelt between his legs and ran his tongue up and down Zak's slick new opening. Zak cried out, clutching his legs around his friend's head as pleasure blasted through him. His voice rose in pitch until he came, convulsing around Andrew's head as he enjoyed his mom's orgasm.
The first time with Andrew was an accident; the next times were on purpose. Andrew came over every day to drill Zak's sensual new body.
It was only when Zak's mom came back and tried to reverse the spell that he realized what he'd done. He'd made the spell permanent by getting pregnant. He would be stuck as a copy of his mom forever.

Two friends find a device that can transform them into anyone they want and have some fun until everything goes wrong in The Device Returns, on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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