Learned nothing

"Have you learned--" Angela began, appearing in the middle of the room in a puff of smoke. But when she saw what Marcus was doing she yelped "Ew, what are you doing??"
Marcus couldn't answer right away because the orgasm hit him. He grasped his heavy, bobbing tits with one hand and slid the fingers of the other deep into his sopping wet opening, whimpering as pleasure washed through him. He clapped his thick thighs over his fingers as his body shook.
Once he recovered he took a deep breath and looked up at Angela.
"What were you saying?"
Angela was a witch, and had overheard Marcus making fun of a heavier woman to his friends. To teach him a lesson, Angela had transformed him into a copy of the woman. She didn't know it, but Marcus had been mocking her because he was insecure, scared to admit to his friends that he liked curvy women. So it was actually a delight to be in a curvy body that he could control, and he stroked his heavy tits and fingered his body until he was rocked with ecstasy.
"I was trying to teach you a lesson about being a judgemental asshole but I think I better turn you back."
"No, wait!," Marcus cried, "I haven't learned my lesson. I'm so, uh, fat and, uh, totally gross."
"Then why are you fingering yourself again?!" Angela screeched.
But Marcus didn't answer, he was too busy preparing for the onrushing crescendo of pleasure.

Two friends find a device that can transform them into anyone they want and have some fun until everything goes wrong in The Device Returns, on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. And then it occurred to Angela: Marcus actually sincerely wanted to be a real sexy, curvy, slightly plump woman himself! A smile of understanding enlightened her face, and than, with a seductively sensual voice, she asked him to close his eyes and only open them again, when the clock alarm would ring in about 15 minutes. Marcus accepted the condition, and Angela went to a smaller sleeping room next to this one.
    Before she did so, she asked Marcus what kind of feminine name he would like. Giving it a short thought Marcus said:”I like Marcella.” Angela nodded. smiling. “Okay,” she said, and then left for the other room. To Marcella these 15 minutes seemed to last an eternity, but finally the alarm clock sounded. He opened his eyes and was completely surprised to see a very handsome guy in the room. “Hello Marcella, what do you think of my new body?!” “Angela”, Marcella asked. She- now he – nodded and smiled. “I love it to be called by my new name Anthony,” she said. Than she showed Marcella a small bottle, containing a kind of golden coloured liquid. “If we both take half of the content of this bottle, we will not only stay the way we are now, but I will also lose all my witchpowers for this incarnation.” First Marcella just seemed to be stupified, but then she started to shed tears of joy. They kissed each other passionately, they took each half of the content of the bottle, and then they had the most intimate sensual sex ever. When they woke up after a few hours, they had a new round of delicious lovemaking and became a wellknown, very loving couple for the rest of their lives…. . – Tom-

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