So much fun

Hector’s mouth dropped open, his eyes screwed shut and he let out a hitching cry as Tami began pumping into his cunt from behind. Hector was caught up in the desire of it all: the way his taut breasts bounced, the way his silky hair curled down over his shoulder, the gentle arms and hands in front of him whenever he opened his eyes, and the pure relief of his former cock filling his tight hole.
Hector and Tami were friends, but Hector had desired her for a long time. Not to fuck her but to be her. She was cute and bubbly and with Hector’s ideal figure. He imagined what he would do with her body, what he would wear…who he would fuck.
Hector found a powder that would swap two people’s bodies if they shared the same drink. At a party at Tami’s house one night, Hector spiked his own drink and then played up how delicious it was until Tami asked for a sip. The minute she swallowed they swapped bodies.
Tami panicked while Hector pretended to panic as well, ushering them into a room until Tami could collect herself. They agreed to act like each other for the remainder of the party so no one would think they were crazy. Afterwards they could try to figure out what happened.
It was so much fun being Tami, flitting around and flirting with other people. The drinks went right to Hector’s head and he was warm and fuzzy by the time the last person left. Tami had had a few to drink, too, and it didn’t take much for Hector to seduce his former body.
Now the thump of Tami’s groin on Hector’s new ass grew louder as she grabbed his shoulders and sped up, gritting her teeth as she plunged into his sopping wet canal, over and over, both of them approaching the precipice. With a strangled cry Hector came, the orgasm reverberating through his body as Tami filled him with his own warm cum.

When a strange phenomenon causes billions of people around the world to randomly swap bodies, a young man finds himself far from home and in the body of a gorgeous young woman in Long Road Home, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. I hope that receiving “my own former cum loads” deep inside me will seal me forever as Tami, fullfilling my deepest wish and most intimate request permanently ! – Tom –

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