Out of spite

“I knew Erin’s tits would be incredible,” Douglas whispered after yanking down the bra.
He ran his hands along her perky breasts, gently caressing his soft skin. His nipples were so sensitive and felt wonderful as he tweaked them gently. Douglas gazed down at his body, a smile on his lips.
Douglas didn’t know what Erin was doing in his body and, for the moment, he didn’t care. All he cared about now was that he had her body and he could do anything he wanted.
Erin and Douglas worked at the same office but were bitter rivals. Douglas thought Erin was a smug bitch who took way too much credit for other people’s work. Erin thought Douglas was an arrogant asshole with an inflated sense of his own competence. In order to try to ease the tensions between them, the company enrolled them into the In Their Shoes program where the two would swap bodies for the week to live the other one’s lives.
Douglas was uncomfortable in Erin’s bra and business clothes. As soon as he was home he undressed to take a look at her body. Now, playing with Erin’s tits, he grew rougher, pinching and squeezing and slapping her tits around. God, it felt good to take out his anger on her body. He dug his fingers into his tits until they ached and warm sparks shot down between his legs.
Douglas had never heard of spite-masturbating before but that’s what he did in Erin’s body, digging his fingers deep into her sopping wet hole and enjoying his own cries before cumming hard in an explosive orgasm.
Maybe this week wouldn’t be so bad.

When a strange phenomenon causes billions of people around the world to randomly swap bodies, a young man finds himself far from home and in the body of a gorgeous young woman in Long Road Home, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. This can easily become a 3 parter. 2nd one from Erin’s POV, and 3rd with them both finally Falling in love but accidentally sealing the swap.

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