Long Road Home (A Body Swap Story)

When a strange phenomenon causes billions of people around the world to randomly swap bodies, a young man finds himself far from home and in the body of a gorgeous young woman in Long Road Home, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon.

Ryan was a teenager preparing for college in the Midwest when the phenomenon struck. One minute he was playing video games in his room and the next he was in someone else’s body hundreds of miles away.

Now Ryan is Selena, a gorgeous young woman with an exquisite body. He’s also all the way across the country in New York City as the aftermath of the worldwide swap starts a global panic. Luckily, his best friend, Anthony, has been swapped into someone nearby and they try to make their way home together with a quick stop to meet up with Ryan’s crude cousin, now in the body of a young Hollywood starlet.

But their bodies aren’t the only thing that’s changed. Anthony’s new body is tall and muscular and is really doing something to Ryan. Sure, Ryan is enjoying experimenting in his new body with an equally beautiful movie star, but maybe there’s something more growing between Ryan and Anthony as the trio make their way back to the safety of Ryan’s home.

Ryan guided his character across the room, firing his weapon until the player in front of him dropped to his knees and disappeared from the game. As he hooted in triumph, he returned to the window to cover his teammate and best friend, Anthony, as he unlocked a treasure chest.

“You hear back from any colleges yet?” Anthony asked over the headset as Ryan foraged around the house for ammo.

“Naw. They said I probably won’t hear anything until next week. You?”

“Same. What about—Behind you!”

Ryan whipped around and fired at the player who had popped up outside the window. He took a few hits but managed to dispatch the enemy without losing all his shields.

With the danger past, Anthony resumed his question. “What about the scholarship? Same deal?”

“Yeah. Nebraska should let me know about my placement and the scholarship on the same day.” Ryan ran a hand through his short curly hair and adjusted the headset over his ears. He lay back against the headboard of his bed and casually crossed his legs beneath the covers as he maneuvered his character through the village.

“What if you don’t get it?” Anthony asked.

Ryan shrugged, though Anthony couldn’t see the gesture. “Probably go anyway and just be in debt.”

He left unsaid the fact that if he didn’t get the soccer scholarship to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he was unlikely to become a professional soccer player. Then he’d never play for Manchester City F.C, which had been his dream since he was five. It was that desire that had driven him to wake early on the weekends and head out to his dad’s barn. He didn’t have a real soccer goal but he’d painted a regulation-sized goal across the side of the barn to aim at.

His whole childhood had seemed like a rush from one type of training to another, and Ryan had loved it. There was nothing like the feeling of being on the field, juggling a ball around other players and whipping it into the back of the net. Ryan was toned and fit and he could easily run laps around the soccer field with barely a sweat. A side effect of all the exercise was that, as he neared the end of the twelfth grade and turned 18, the girls at his school had started to take notice of him as well. Ryan was shy and hadn’t made a move on any of them, though they were making moves on him and he would have to make a choice soon.

“Eat it, biyatch!” Anthony crowed triumphantly as he killed another enemy.

Anthony had been Ryan’s best friend since middle school. Where Ryan was lean and athletic and with features that were growing more handsome each day, Anthony was what Ryan’s mom called ‘cute’. But like a fuzzy kitten is cute, not the type of cute that made girls swoon. They made an odd couple but they were inseparable. Ryan was looking forward to sharing a dorm room with Anthony next year. He couldn’t begin to imagine what they would get up to away from the watchful eye of their parents.

It was while Ryan was running his character down the street chasing after another team that everything changed. The world went black, like he’d passed out. There was an instant where he had no consciousness, no feelings, and then the world splashed back into clarity.

He was lying on the floor. As he blinked his eyes open he saw a room that he didn’t recognize. The carpet beneath him was a cream color, and from his vantage point he was looking towards an unfamiliar bed spread with a stark white comforter. A dark wood wardrobe loomed over him. Something silky hung over his head, obscuring his vision and as he brushed it out of his eyes he realized it was long, black hair. And the sharp pain as he tried to pull it away meant that it was attached to his head.

Ryan pushed himself into a sitting position and felt a weight swing down his chest. Still leaning on one arm, he looked down to see what the strange feeling was. A gasp escaped his lips as his eyes fell on two beautiful breasts nestled beneath a black fitted tank top. The tank top was fitted to a woman’s body. Where was his own? His eyes trailed down the arm he now controlled. It was slender and hairless, the skin a light beige. The arm ended in dainty fingers, each one with gentle rounded nails. As he moved his hand he saw this woman’s arm move under his command.

“What the fuck?” He muttered. The voice that spilled from his lips was softer and higher-pitched than his own.

His hands flew to his lips and found the unfamiliar contours of a new face. His stubble was gone, replaced with wide, smooth cheeks. His hands dropped down to his breasts and he gave them a squeeze. He could feel his tits being touched just as he could feel touching them. This was real. Somehow he was a woman. He dropped his tits again in shock. Felt them sway back against his chest.

Ryan staggered to his feet and swiped the long hair back out of his face. The bedroom he was in was small and decorated in a monochromatic manner. On top of the vanity and hanging from the wall were pictures of people Ryan had never seen. Several of them seemed to feature the same beautiful brunette.

A window to his right looked out on an unfamiliar sight. Townhouses crowded together across a busy street. A bodega on the corner store advertised some potato chip specials. As he stood there frozen, he became aware of a cacophony of noise from outside on the street.

Peering out from his vantage point on what he guessed was the third floor, he saw scenes of madness. Cars filled the street crookedly, as if part of a giant fender bender. People on the sidewalk were picking themselves up and staring down at themselves in shock. There was yelling, screaming, crying, horns honking, smashing windows.

Where was he? Who was he? He watched as one woman yanked her top up and grabbed her breasts. Was everyone out there going through the same thing?

Ryan moved away from the window and towards an ensuite bathroom. His entire body felt different, moved differently through the room. His hips felt wider, his chest heavier, while at the same time his entire body felt as if it took up less space. Plus the silky hair kept tickling down his neck and shoulders, and parts of his body wiggled differently at each step.

He moved awkwardly, not having the hang of this body. His center of gravity and his depth perception was all off. He eventually made it to the bathroom by leaning on the walls. When he flipped on the light he found himself staring directly at his reflection in a mirror over the sink.

A gorgeous brunette stared out at him, her mouth open in surprise just like his. She had delicate features, with stunning cheekbones, a delicate nose, and two perfectly crafted eyebrows arching over dark chocolate-brown eyes. Her figure was incredible and his eyes were drawn right to his new cleavage, the taut curves nestled beneath a black top. Tight jeans clung to a wide flare of hips. His arms were bare and everywhere there was smooth warm skin.

Ryan brought his trembling hands up to his face and watched her do the same. Her eyes were wide with shock as she copied him and traced the contours of his face, skating over the soft skin and the smooth cheeks. This was real. He’d become someone else. A woman. An attractive woman, Ryan amended as his eyes flitted back down his gorgeous body. But who? How?

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  1. Loved this story! Anthony was described so handsome and heroic! Seeing how he and Ryan changed their dynamic over time was great

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