Is that what I feel like?

Previously: Is that what I look like?

Is that what I feel like inside? Jenny asked herself.
She slid her son’s dick into her own wet hole, groaning in lust as her former canal clutched her tight. An intense ache concentrated itself at the base of her cock when she sheathed herself inside her former body, like a tremendous itch that needed to be scratched.
Her son lay on the floor in front of her, his mouth dropping open as she entered him. She grabbed his ankles and spread his legs wide, staring down at the place where they joined together. Her son brought a hand down to his pussy and began stroking in tight circles around her clit.
Jenny couldn’t get over how much more turned on her son’s body was by visuals than she’d been. She was enchanted by the sight of her new cock disappearing into her former silken folds. Had she ever seen anything more sexy than her own pussy?
With a sudden shuddering moan she came, plunging deep inside him and emptying herself into his pussy in several deep pumps. The relief was immediate. As was the shame.
She pulled out and stood, avoiding his eye. Now that the horniness was gone she could think straight and she chastised herself for giving into her new body’s physical needs.
She hoped they could both forget all about this when they swapped back, but she doubted it. The intensity of her horniness would linger on.

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