Shared body

“Sorry, Henry, but I fucking need this,” Isla whispered to herself as she gripped her panties and slid them off her long, lean legs.
There was no answer from Henry and Isla wondered if her younger brother had been completely absorbed into her by now.
An accident in their dad’s lab resulted in Henry sharing Isla’s body while his own lay unconscious. She could hear him inside her occasionally, catching stray thoughts of his. He had no control over her body but could experience the world through her senses.
Since the accident that morning, Isla had been getting hornier and hornier. She was hyper aware of the jiggle of her tits and the sway of her ass at each step. She was embarrassed to feel these things with Henry in her head, knowing he was feeling the same.
When she couldn’t stand it anymore she locked herself in her room and took off her top. Her eyes went wide as she saw her tits and she sighed contentedly as she groped herself, apologizing to Henry for having to do this even though it felt so damn good.
Isla didn’t realize that her horniness was Henry’s doing. She was feeling his attraction to her body, his lust doubling back on hers so that every touch of her fingers grew an ache deep her in her core.
“Oh fuuck,” she whispered in wonder as she slid off her panties and stared down at her juicy pussy. She was tingling already and she stroked herself, making her fingers slick with her moisture.
From inside her head Henry urged her on, luxuriating in the feeling of his fingers sinking ever deeper into her sopping wet sex until a massive orgasm drove through their shared body.

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  1. I love the ones like this where people merge and share a body. Would love to see more like it and maybe even for it to become its own tag?

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