Bring me a towel

“Can you bring me a towel?” Ella called out.
When Gabe brought in a towel Ella slid open the shower door., revealing her dripping wet blonde body
“Ahh!” Gabe gasped, shielding his eyes and holding out the towel. “I told you I don’t want to see my stepdaughter naked.”
“Come on,” Ella laughed, taking the towel and drying her new young body. “You can’t tell me I’m not pretty. I’m practically begging for you here.”
Ella ran the towel along her supple body. God, even just drying herself like this turned her on. She never knew how horny her daughter was until she ended up inside her body. The two were victims of a witch’s magic, forced to swap bodies so they could learn to empathize with the other.
But the plan didn’t work. If anything, it made them despise each other more and they set about ding whatever they wanted. Ella’s daughter was out chasing men in her grown up body, while Ella went right to her husband to tell him what happened. Even three days later he was reluctant to look at her and Ella was dying to fuck in her daughter’s nubile body.
She knew she would wear him down eventually. She saw how hard he got when she snuggled up to him or when she masturbated beside him in bed. Her new pussy felt so damn good with just her fingers. Surely it was only a matter of time before he broke and took her daughter’s virginity.

When a strange phenomenon causes billions of people around the world to randomly swap bodies, a young man finds himself far from home and in the body of a gorgeous young woman in Long Road Home, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. What a beautiful body! Where do you find such goddesses for your captions?
    I would love to be changed into one of them!!!! Help please! Zoe

  2. You really make the best caps! Love your work man. Really think you could bring this caption idea to life w your artistic abilities: if you don’t mind writing it here’s a prompt I’ve been thinking of lately: Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch

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