Should have taken Swap Class

Dwight and his friend, Rodric, went to hang out at Dwight's house as usual. Though the afternoon of Swap Class was anything but.
Dwight had swapped with Emily, a cute, bookish girl in his class. It was only when Rodric saw Dwight's new body that Rodric regretted not taking Swap Class. Rodric had a crush on a Emily, and found he had a hard time speaking to Dwight now that Dwight was in her body.
"Come on, it's still me," Dwight said, playfully punching Rodric.
But it was Emily's voice speaking. Emily's fingers touching him. Emily's eyes looking at him. Rodric blushed crimson and was quiet on the way to Dwight's house.
The two guys went up to Dwight's room to play some video games. 
"I call first," Rodric squeaked, still not sure how to react around his swapped friend.
Rodric took the chair while Dwight took his usual position on the bed to watch. Rodric played for a little while and then, while in between rounds, turned to Dwight. Whatever he was going to say refused to come out when he saw Dwight lounging on the bed in his usual careless manner, his fingers clasped gently above his head, knees in the air. Only, Rodric's view was so much better today.
Dwight didn't even seem to realize anything was amiss. "Still didn't beat my high score, dude," Dwight teased.
Rodric blushed but didn't say anything, even when Dwight shifted on the bed and reached between his legs to absently scratch himself.
Rodric realized he should have definitely taken Swap Class.

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