Stripping after the shift

After a year or so, the chaos of the Great Shift settled down and people adjusted to the fact that they would be in their new bodies forever. One of the many lasting effects was that it changed the nature of strip club performers and clientele. Everyone's sexual tastes remained the same but their bodies had changed. This meant that moms would sometimes end up grinding on their sons, teens would lap dance for MILFs, and the occasional elderly lady would take the stage.
Jacelyn (left) had ended up in the body of some older, flat-chested white woman. She was disappointed in her new body but after some breast enhancements, hair extensions and a tummy tuck she was ready to re-take the strip club stage. Her first night back she ended up giving a lap dance to her body's son. Neither of them knew they were related. The new man had no idea he was groping "his" mom's tits, or getting hard as she rubbed her pussy across his crotch.
In the back room, Evan was lying on his former body. That just made it so much hotter. One of his hands grasped Evan's bouncy new tits, the other made its way between his legs and stroked Evan's new pussy, bringing real sighs to her lips.
"Oh, baby," Evan moaned, guiding his former fingers up and inside his new wetness as the cock grew hard beneath his plump ass. He was definitely going to fuck himself tonight.

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