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A woman wants to spice up her and her husbands sex life so she visits a witch who gives her a list of spells to pick from. She chooses to link their sense of touch and goes home. Once home she greets her husband and begins to masturbate, enjoying the confused look her husband has. They then decide to pursue these sensations further and proceed to have the best sex of their lives.

Amber wanted to spice up her sex life with her husband so she went to a witch who gave her a potion that would allow them to share each other’s sense of touch. Amber took it home and shared it with her husband, Michael. They both drank it and then Amber reached up to stroke her breast. Michael’s eyes went wide as he felt her hand on her tit. Amber’s eyes went wide as she felt Michael’s hard-on rising.
Soon the two lovers were wrapped around each other in bed, feeling everything they did to each other’s bodies, sharing in every delightful sensation, their pleasure doubled as they experienced it from both sides.
Amber’s mouth dropped open and a strangled cry escaped her lips. It was all she could manage because her body was nearly explosive with lust and pleasure as Michael slowly slid into her. She could feel his length pressing her apart and, at the same time, could feel from his POV as he slid into her warm, wet folds. Michael could feel his own hands on Amber’s chest and as his fingers circled her sensitive nipples they both moaned, the electric sensation of Amber’s nipples shooting through them both.
Amber gripped her ass and Michael moaned. It was like having four pairs of hands, being able to grope Amber’s soft, warm body, filling her and being filled. They enjoyed the most explosive orgasms of their lives as they both came together, their pleasure doubled through the sharing.

Sebastian wakes up one morning in the body of Cindy, a cute young woman who lives in the dorm room below him. But his own (former?) body is still moving around, completely oblivious to Sebastian’s confusion. What’s more, Cindy is still conscious and thinks every sexy thing she’s done is of her own free will in Suddenly Cindy 1, only available on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.

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