Sexy all the time

“Here we go, boys,” Angelica chirped to the cameras as she yanked up her top and let her massive breasts bounce free.
She giggled and stroked herself, playing it up as her two cameramen moved around her, capturing it all.
Angelica had had this body for a year and was loving every minute of it while the original owner – Liz – was in jail in Angelica’s old, worn out body.
People that knew Liz were surprised when she changed almost overnight. She went from a shy, conservative woman one day to a scantily-clad party girl the next. She quit her job and started an OnlyFans page, showing off her sexy body to strangers on the internet.
Her fiancee left her when she started doing porn but Angelica didn’t like him anyway. He was part of old Liz’s life. Boring. Stale. The new Liz was going to be horny and sexy all the time.
Everything was so much easier with these big tits and this pretty face. Angelica had never been much of a looker, and had the rotten personality to go along with the body that she’d ruined with drugs and alcohol. Now she was well on the way to ruining Angelica’s life, having recently returned to the drugs she’d vowed to stay off of.
But this body hadn’t built up any resistance and the high was so intense. She was using more and more, which meant she needed to do more and more videos to get money. But Angelica was having fun and this wasn’t her body. When this was all washed up she’d use the magic amulet to jump on to the next person. Maybe then she would settle down. For now, she was just going to have fun.

Just when Corey thought he broke the spell it comes back with a vengeance, transforming him into a new female stereotype every day until he can free himself in Every Day 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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