Changed for him

Joanne moaned into the pillow as her boyfriend slapped her ass and slid his thick cock into Joanne’s stolen pussy. She was so hung up on him she’d completely transformed herself, using some magic she’d found to swap out her body parts until she was unrecognizable.
Joanne had the firm, squeezable ass and tight pussy of the eighteen-year-old neighbor, while the neighbor was left with Joanne’s forty-five-year-old fat, wobbly butt and used up pussy.
The legs had been stolen from a model Joanne’s boyfriend had admired on the internet, leaving that model out of work thanks to her veiny legs meaty thighs that were incongruent with her stick-thin figure.
Joanne had traded out her stretch-marked tits and flabby torso for those belonging to an actress her husband liked.
The face and hair used to belong to her husband’s secretary before Joanne stole them, leaving the poor girl with Joanne’s pock-marked froggy face.
Now Joanne was enjoying the fruits of her theft, closing her eyes in delight as her boyfriend slid into her tight cunt, spreading her apart as he sunk deep into her. She moaned as he sped up, squeezing her ass, hands roaming around her stolen body until the ache in her core built to a crescendo and she came. She didn’t know whose orgasm it was but it was tremendous, rushing through her as her boyfriend pumped himself empty inside her.
When he withdrew he stared down at her as she lay on the couch looking up at him with adoration.
“You know,” he said, “I think you could find me some bigger tits.”
She would change for him again.

Just when Corey thought he broke the spell it comes back with a vengeance, transforming him into a new female stereotype every day until he can free himself in Every Day 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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